Observatory Group was founded in 2007 by John Chamberlin, Jane Hartley, Mary Rosenbaum and Jin Saito, who had all previously worked together at the G7 Group, a macroeconomic research firm. Alan Blinder and Anita Volz Wien, who were partners at the G7 Group, joined Observatory Group as Vice Chairmen. Xinxin Li became a partner in 2013.

In 2014, Jane Hartley became the United States Ambassador to France. John Chamberlin now runs the business from the New York office, along with Anita Volz Wien, who in 2014 was elevated to Chairman. Mary Rosenbaum and Jin Saito run the firm’s research and consultancy from the Washington, DC office.

Observatory Group initially covered the G3 (US, Eurozone, Japan) plus China. In early 2015, the firm added India to its geographic coverage area, hiring Surjit Bhalla, based in Delhi, who now covers India for the firm.


Observatory Group congratulates Jane Hartley, one of Observatory Group’s co-founders and CEO, on her appointment in the fall of 2014 to become the United States Ambassador to France.